Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We stand together...

Russ is the owner of Endurance and Marathon Sports in Akron New York and is also a fellow RRCA Coach.  He made the following comment to his clients and I thought I would share them here for your comments:

"All my life I have viewed sports as a sanctuary. A place to find yourself, a place to challenge yourself, a place of growth.

"Whatever the intentions of the attackers today, or those of the Munich Olympics and Atlanta Games, they pick the wrong arena in which to make their statement. Their actions are seen, but the message is lost. The message today is about the community, love, support and aide offered by those nearby. I hear that 1 million times louder than the motives of the attackers.

"See, in sports, we rally. We rise to the occasion. We break through barriers and hatred. We support out brethren regardless of ideology, beliefs or origin. One cannot rob our innocence. An army cannot bring us to our knees.

"We are strong. We stand together. We protect our own.

"Here's to swift justice.

"Athlete Nation."


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