Thursday, April 18, 2013

a ninja, I am

One month before the 2012 Marathon des Sables I found out that I had patella chondromalacia grade 4. While researching the ways I could control this and the pain it was causing when I ran, I started training with the tae kwon do ladies who were involved in my kids tae kwon do club. For whatever reason that boggled the minds of myself, my physio and my ortho-specialist, tae kwon do did not cause me pain. So while I took my forced 12 months break from running I trained to become a ninja.

12 months down the track and I am looking into getting my booster hyaluronic injections in my knees so I can dust off the running shoes and start planning for the 2014 Marathon des Sables. In the meantime I have kept up my tae kwon do and tonight I am testing for my Blue Belt. This is fourth belt above the white and is pretty much half way to the black. What is super awesome is tonight I get to break a board with a front kick. I can't wait!


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