Friday, January 15, 2010

What happens to a runner when a runner doesn’t run anymore?

What defines a runner? Someone once told me that003_happy_runner the difference between a runner and a jogger is a race registration form? But that can’t be right?

There are those who choose to run, run well and run far without ever seeing the need to prove their passion for running by partaking in any form of competition. For them the competitiveness comes from within and their goals and achievements are known mostly only to themselves. Then there are those who wake up one day and decide that they need to run a marathon, half marathon or 10km or 5km. They pick a race, register, maybe complete a training program, run the race and then its done. No more running.

So which is the runner and which is the jogger. Does one have more right than the other to say that they are a runner just because they have completed a race? Maybe the definition of who is a runner should come down the level of joy they get out?

I am running the Houston half marathon this weekend. I haven’t run in a few weeks due to sickness. And, I didn’t run much in December due to motivational issues. I know I won’t have a problem completing the distance, but I may have an issue making the time that I set for myself five months ago. But that shouldn’t really matter – what should matter is the feeling and expression on my face as I cross the finish line. If it is a happy one then I know that I am a runner.

Well, I hope I am anyway :)