Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nervous Much? Getting injections for the knee….

Cock a doodle do 

I'm not sure what to do

Injections with the essence of the roosters manhood

I don't know if I could, not sure I should

They say it will my knee fix

But I am wary of falsehoods and tricks

Only one way to find out you see

So c'mon and inject that shit in me 

The non surgical intervention

Rooster comb synthetic injection

Who seriously thinks up this shit?

Guillotine the rooster and give me a hit!

So what's your thrill, what's your poison?

Champagne, beer, vodka? Rum, schnapps, wine or bourbon?

Hair of the dog, cat nine of the tail

Fuck that - give me the caruncle of the fucking chicken and give it to me now! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

runner’s lament

in the beginning it was all I had

if I didn’t get out there and do it I thought I would go mad

day by day I struggled through

stronger, faster, fitter, leaner I got – as you do

with the various groups among the community

I read, wrote, talked, breathed and lived the reality

then one day it hurt and felt so wrong

after ice, rest, consultations, scans

goals, life dreams were taken away – gone

now the hurt and disappointment rides me

I’ve been let down

and seriously with the pain no fun to be around

it was an intimate relationship don’t you see

part of the characterizing lifeblood flows through me

without it I’m not sure who I am meant to be