Thursday, April 25, 2013

here we go again!

Well, if you have been reading the other entries to this blog you will note huge time differences between posts. This occurred when we moved from the US to Dubai and again from Dubai. Time gaps also occurred when I became so fed up with this and the whole running and exercise thing.

But - I love running and I love training for events and competing, so how could I get fed up I hear you ask. Well, it is not so much fun when you get injured. And, it is not that much fun when your injuries are just due to the makeup of your body and the only preventative measure that can be taken are to QUIT running and what I deem enjoyable exercise altogether.

I have been lucky so far since finding out and dealing with my patella chondromalacia stage 4. I had injections in both my knee 12 months ago and they worked fine. Pity I was off with the hate fairies and loathing everything running (understandable after training hard for 12 months for one race only for it to end before it began).  I am over my hate, ironed out the chemical / hormonal imbalance and now finally back into fitness and starting to think about, and get excited about running again. I have my eye on a few events - including toying with the Marathon des Sables.....

Before I can get too serious into it all, I have a duty of care to ensure that my knees are up to standard. This is why I am getting my knees injected again with the hyaluronic acid. Uggh! That sounds terrible - but its not. My patella has worn down and it causes pain. I think the joint fluid in my knee has lost its ability to lubricate and cushion my knee. Thus a little vicious circle has been created and the 6ml of hyaluronic acid injected into my knee joints relieves the pain caused by my patella rubbing and also helps to stop or slow down any further damage to my patella's surface. Basically this hyaluronic acid is synthetic lubrication for my knee joint!

I had the first injection into my left knee two days ago. The knee is still a bit swollen, but I can get around. I am enjoying increased mobility with each hour. From past experience, I should be able to have full mobility back within another 24 hours and get out for a run :) The follow up on the other knee is in two weeks!

So - here we go again....but this time in a positive, kick arse and have fun way!! :)


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