Tuesday, April 30, 2013

knee #1 done

It has been one week now since the doc injected that stuff into my left knee. Today I was able to get back to the gym and try it out. They feel a bit unbalanced now, with the right giving me a bit of pain and the left still a bit stiff from the swelling resulting from the injections.

The injections last year didn't hurt as much as this one did. Nor did they take so long for me to get back full mobility. Last year I was able to take it for a test run (around 5km) on day five after the injections. It has been seven days and I am a tad bit scared as there is still a bit of pressure in the joint when I fully extend. I have no idea if this is because it is a different brand of "lubricant" they injected. Or if it is because the doc couldn't inject in through the side of the knee, so he went in from the front of the joint where one of my arthroscopy scars were?

Anyway, we will see next week when the doc shoots up my right knee what the go is... All I know right now is that my upper body is getting hammered from all the pushups and pull-ups that I am doing and I could not be happier! My biceps feel rock hard! My core is getting stronger, and will keep me in good stead when I get back to hitting the pavement.


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