Friday, October 9, 2009

The day before the 10 miler

Tomorrow is the 10 for Texas! A ten mile run through The Woodlands (north of Houston), Texas. I have picked up my race packet and was happy to find that my race number is 888. This number doesn't really hold any significance for me, but I just thought that it was a fun looking and sounding number.

Last week I was very excited about this race. It marks the first event that I will have participated in since I started running again five months ago. Over the past week however, I have flown to Australia for my school reunion and back. While I was abroad (and drinking a few ales with friends each night) my kids got sick with Type A flu – the eldest being treated for the H1N1. The day before the race and I am still tired from the flights and from late nights with sick children. I had hoped to get a slow five or six miler under my belt this week prior to the race but was unable to fit one in as the kids were home from school. I feel generally run down.

The race! It looks like it will be raining tomorrow morning. This is good and bad. If it is raining or about to rain it means that it will be pretty cool. If the sun is out tomorrow it means that it will be rather hot and humid. Although I don't want to run in the rain, I would much prefer running in the cooler weather! Based on how I am feeling at the moment, I am hoping to finish the race around the 1 hour 40 minute mark.


jenna is awkward said...

woohoo! i'm sure you'll do great! those ales were just helping you carbo-load! sleep is over rated! just imagine a bed at the finish line! i can't wait to hear how your race goes! you rock!

That Pink Girl said...

Good luck!!!

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