Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 things I like about …

…. the colder weather, (so far) -

  1. No more runs in sauna like conditions
  2. Endurance seems to have lengthened
  3. Running clothes aren't drenched in sweat
  4. Speed is something that can now be considered
  5. No more pools of sweat on the tiles in the office or kitchen
  6. Mosquito's are less of an issue
  7. No need to head out the door first thing in the morning, runs can happen at any time of the day
  8. Water doesn't need to be carried on runs 4 miles or less
  9. Weekend long runs are pleasant with plenty of company on the tracks
  10. Sunglasses don't fog up as much


Michelle said...

Perfect list and I couldn't agree more!!!

BklynRunner on twitter

natalie said...

I like this list! I should have mine also..thanks for the idea!

natalie saucony

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