Monday, August 31, 2009

Training Schedule

Monday 31 August - 5 miles

Tuesday 01 September - 4 miles

Wednesday 02 September - 5 miles

Thursday 03 September - Rest

Friday 04 September - 2 miles

Saturday 05 September - 7 miles

Sunday 06 September - Rest

Week total - 23 miles


Anonymous said...

Great schedule for the week! Which plan are you using?

Run2NY said...

Melissa - Initially the training schedules were given to me by the coach of the running group I belong. The "Phase 2: from 5 miles to 10" course has finished and I dont get them anymore. I have built on these using ideas from both the Non'Runner's Marathon Trainer and the Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running (mainly the first). I am trying not to push too much too soon, and keeping an eye on old injuries etc. But, most importantly the schedule needs to fit into the time I have to complete it. For example if I schedule a brunch with friends during my free time (being time without the kids, eg last Thursday) then I cant run that day or I have to run at night when husband is home (if he is not away). So it is all flexible!! I do what I can where I can and just hope to be able to complete most of it!!

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