Saturday, August 29, 2009

GU (featuring the Cat in the Hat)

Hello Cat!

Hello Kirst!

Are you running this race? Can you run at a fast pace?

Yes I am running this race. But, no I cannot run at a fast pace. I burn out and feel the worst.

That is no good Kirst. Do you GU?

GU? Ewww. It looks and smells like glue. GU?

GU makes you fast. With GU you don't come last.

So GU?

Yes GU!

I don't mind if I do. WOW! Who knew that GU was what you were meant to do? GU! GU! I like this GU! Expresso GU makes you fast! Expresso GU stops you from coming last!

Holy Crap!! Oh… Cat?

Yes Kirst?

Cat, what was that? This GU gives me a stomach ache. Oh Cat, why did you make me take? This GU makes me need a loo. Golly gosh what to do? With GU I cannot run fast. With this GU I'm sure I will come last. Who knew that Expresso GU would give you the urge to poo? Make you want to find the loo? Oh Cat, I don't like that! Oh, crap!

Well Kirst, now you feel the worst! Maybe Vanilla GU is right for you. Vanilla GU will make you fast. Vanilla GU makes you run a fast pace. It will help you finish the race. In future Kirst, when you GU, you will know what to do. To stop needing the loo and to stop the urge to poo, when you GU – Vanilla GU is for you!

Thank you Cat.

Thank you Kirst.

Thank you Cat…. for that…


That Pink Girl said...

Ah yes, the dreaded Gu Poo. Tragic. Cute post! (and I loooove that my authentication word is "frilly!)

clynton said...

I'm not sure gu is thing for me to do, but I appreciate hearing what you do (except for the poo:)

Run2NY said...

LOL :) Just want to point out that I had some cramps and the 'urge' to use the loo! Thankfully the feeling passed and I was able to finish the run incident free!!


saundra said...

Love it!!!!
Thanks for making my day.

Middalia Wayman said...

LOL!! very funny.

Run2NY said...

For those who have found themselves on this page after a google search of "gu and stomach aches", check out this link, it might help ...

Run2NY said...

Oh - here is another great article regarding GU (and sport gels in general) ..

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