Monday, August 17, 2009

Training Schedule

This week will be a hard week to fit training in as my husband is away all week. Some of the runs will be attempted at the gym.... we will see how we go!

Monday 17 August - Rest

Tuesday 18 August - 4 miles

Wednesday 19 August - Cross Training 60-90 mins and 4 miles

Thursday 20 August - 5 miles and Yoga

Friday - 21 August - Rest

Saturday 22 August - 7 miles

Sunday 23 August - Rest

Week total - 20 miles


Anonymous said...

That is an excellent training plan for the week! I have only made a 20 mile week once. Would have made it last week if I hadn't gotten the stomach bug and had to cut out the 6 mile run.

Run2NY said...

Fingers crossed all goes to plan! I think it will be my first week doing 20 miles, but it probably will be the norm for the next few months!!

Gina Harris said...

Looks like a great training plan!

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