Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rest and Recovery

I finally got in to see the Doctor today. It was all rather painless – walked in, filled out the paperwork, had some x-rays and was seen by the Doc.

The good news is that it is nothing too serious - patellar tendonitis and planter fasciitis, both very common and easily fixed with some rest and physiotherapy. The Doc said that overuse was the cause for these. Going from 0 miles to 9 miles in a matter of 6 weeks may not have been the smartest of ways to ease back into running, or fitness in general. I think my program needs to adapted slightly to increase the cross training. Maybe to include more cycling (yuck) and swimming (double yuck). I think I may agree to a few yoga classes and possibly some light weights?

Looks like I will be missing my running groups 10 mile run this weekend. This run was meant to cap off a 12 week program starting from 5 miles and going to 10. Funnily enough I started four weeks into it from 0 miles!! No wonder I am getting some training pains from overuse!! The good news is that I can take a break from this heat and humidity and chill in the pool – even if it is swimming some laps. Three weeks should be plenty of time for me to rework my training program and prepare to get out there!!


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