Thursday, July 30, 2009

“C’mon Mom – I can run 10”

I registered for the 10 for Texas this week, and as I was doing so my 6 year old son asked to be registered as well. I looked at him and saw that he was serious. I explained the 10 mile route that would be run on the morning using landmarks and streets that he was familiar with and emphasized the fact that we wouldn't be in the car, and that we would actually be running. He turned to me and said "C'mon, I can do it! I can run 10 miles Mom!"

As it so happens, the Community Association that is running the 10 for Texas is also running a One 4 Texas Fun Run for the kids. So I asked Mstr 6 if he wanted to compete in the 1 mile run. I explained the route to him, once again using landmarks and streets he was familiar with. He listened and responded rather confidently "No Mom, I want to run the 10, just like you. C'mon I can run 10!"

Of course he can't run the ten. I am sure that he could run the one if he wanted to. We have never really tried. Earlier in the year when I ran a 5 km trail run, he and his dad and younger brother walked the 3 km walk. There was a kids mile run at that event – but I didn't think he would be into it and didn't want to pressure him to compete so didn't nominate him. We sat and watched the kids run – and they ran. It was great to watch – and all the kids who competed got a medal, and had Mstr 6 (who was then 5) competed he probably would have got an age group trophy.

So – we ended up coming to an agreement. He would run the one and I would run the 10 and he would be waiting at the finish line with dad and younger brother when I finished. Also, he would come and do some training runs with me leading up to it – so he would be "fit and strong" enough, just like Mom. To date he has been pretty good keeping his word. He has come on two runs with me - riding his bike - and has done all the stretching and strengthening exercises that the physiotherapist recommended for me. I am really proud of him.


Pete said...

Love the post - my 5 year old ran a few fun runs last year (at age 4) and loved them. He's set to do another on a local car racing track before a 5k I'll run next week, and we've made a date to go to the local high school track to "train." He's very excited!

Run2NY said...

They are so cute with their dedication and seriousness!

Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

That's awesome! I guess I should be a little embarrassed that a 6 six year old can run farther than me....


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