Tuesday, May 7, 2013

knee #2 done

Ahhh! Just when you feel like you are invincible, it is time to head back the doctors and get another injection. Thankfully this is the second and last one!

The doctor today decided to inject through the front of the knee. Last week he tried to go through the medial and it didn't work, so he ended up going through the front. It went a lot smoother today, thank goodness. Still feels strange though - it is like when you go to blow up a balloon and you get to that point of resistance where you have to blow harder to stretch it and get more air into it. Well - my knee feels like we are at that point of resistance.

So far it doesn't seem to have swollen up as much, so I am happy. Two weeks! Only two weeks and I can try it out. How exciting!

Check this photo of my knee out. The angle is sooo flattering, but hopefully you can see the difference. Slight swelling after two hours.  I can still bend it slightly - which is a good thing! I wonder if knees are like trees and you can tell my age by those gnarly lines around them?


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