Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marathon des Sables

So, after many weeks of umming and arrrring I have decided to register for the Marathon des Sables 2012. 152 miles of walking and running through the Southern Moroccan Sahara.

Crazy or Courageous? You tell me!

Why? It is hard to put in words. Why does one run? Why does one run silly distances? Why does one run silly distances through insane heat and desert? Who knows – everyone has a different reason or a different story to tell. Mine… I don’t know. It is just one of those things I read about in a running magazine a few years ago that I thought sounded like fun. My training partner here in Dubai mentioned it again one of our Friday morning long rides and I thought “Yes – I must do this!”

As part of the registration you need to fill out a ‘fiche pour la presse’ or a form for the press. They ask why you are taking part in the Marathon des Sables and what image of yourself are you hoping to give. I answered:

“To achieve something some say is impossible or crazy. For the experience. Image: Nothing in life is too big, too small or too hard.”

This filled the limited space on the sheet, but I think it sums up my ‘why’s’.mds logo

So… onwards and upwards! Smile


pensive said...

Wow. Just, wow.

Anna said...

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