Monday, September 13, 2010

Tidbits from Grammie …

running star My in-laws are very supportive of my running and racing. Yesterday I received an email from my mother-in-law providing some passed on advice for the New York City Marathon. A friends’ daughter has run it a few times … anyway, here is the excerpt from the email I got from Grammie -

I volunteer with a lady whose daughter, a lawyer, has run in the NYC marathon twice. She’s not running in it this year. She passed on some tidbits of info that you may already know. Anyway for what it’s worth I am sharing the info with you.

1. Bring an old blanket and two large garbage bags. Put the garbage bags on the ground with the blanket on top. A garbage bag can be worn if it is raining while you are waiting.

2. Bring an old pair of sweats to wear while you are waiting.

3. Bring toilet paper or pocketsize Kleenex. The portable toilets often run out of toilet paper.

4. There is plenty of food, water, and Gatorade to consume. There’s plenty of time to eat because you sit there for several hours.

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5. Now for the gross info---try to run on the top level of a two level bridge. If you have to run on the lower part stay in the middle area. Mainly men tend to urinate from the top level and those on the outside of the lower level get sprayed. Ugh!

6. It is suggested that if you tend to be nervous take an Imodium tablet the morning of and after the first morning bowel movement. This prevents having a bowel movement during the course of the race as well as cramping.

7. Take Advil or any other anti-inflammatory medication halfway through the race to help with muscle pain.

8. Try consuming “GU” (I have no idea what that is) or gummy bears to chew or dissolve during the race. The gummy bears could be put in a Ziploc/sandwich bag.

9. Whoever may be meeting you at the end of race should have a backpack with pair of sweats or a change of clothes for you to put on.

10. Anyone watching the race on your behalf should have a designated spot to meet you----such as the water/Gatorade stand on the left. Lines of people tend to be 10 people deep. There are alphabet letter signs at the end of the race to help locate and meet your supporters at the end of the race. It may take over an hour to find one another.

11. You have the option of checking in your stuff at the beginning of the race; however, Tara noted that it was utter chaos with runners trying to get their belongings.

Thanks Grammie :)


That Pink Girl said...

Aw, so sweet her advice!
Yes, bring old sweats. You can shed them at the start and they donate to shelters. I wrote inspriational phrases on the insides of mine for someone to find. I hope it made them smile.
So excited for you!

kizzy said...

Great info...Nice thoughts.Loving your every word...
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