Monday, June 15, 2009

Solution – body glide

The week before last was pretty full on with training. I was trying to play catch up for the days I had to miss due to no sitters. School is out and summer is finally starting to kick in to add to the lack of flexibility for run times. Within one week I completed an eight mile run and then backed it up with a seven mile run four days later with the running group. These runs went well – felt great and completed in pretty good times. I have got to a stage where I can complete these distances without walking, something that adds to my excitement. One issue that I have had to deal with however is the chafing.

The chafing began around the six mile mark of my eight mile run. It was sore. It was raw. It was on my thighs and due to my shorts rubbing. But it wasn't that bad and after a day it was fine. The seven mile however was another story. I decided to wear my Nike shorts which were shorter than the ones worn on the previous run. After one mile I could feel the chafing and at the end it had grown to the size of my palm and had drawn blood. And OUCH! It was sore and raw for the next three days!

The up side to this is that I found the solution. Body Glide!! An anti-chafe balm. I haven't tried it out yet, but everyone has told me that it works and doesn't stain your clothes. I am now waiting for my husband to return from his latest trip for me to head out in the heat and try it out on a short four mile run!


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